Cascadia Herbals differentiates itself from competitors by utilizing an ultra-cooled ethanol-based concentration process and a house-developed decarboxlyation and terpene retention system. During production, the alcohol is evaporated and recollected for reuse, leaving behind a concentrate rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. This concentrate is then used to craft the strain-specific lozenges and glycerin-based tinctures.

About Cascadia Herbals

Cascadia Herbals is owned by husband and wife team Dave and Frea Wolfe, longtime Portland residents. Dave has a background in the health and wellness industry, with over 19 years in the industry. Dave grew up in the Midwest in a family that owned and operated health food stores where he gained his knowledge and passion for supplementation, herbs and processing. At Cascadia Herbals he handcrafts the concentrate and manages all production operations. Frea has a background in marketing, design and the health and wellness industry. She manages all marketing and design operations for the company.

Cascadia Herbals products boast strain-specific flavors and allow you to always enjoy that “green toke” or terepen flavors. There is always a consistent dose and delivery with the products, enabling you to enjoy them with greater ease than other traditional edibles and tinctures.